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40MIN $80

Detox, Jasmine Salt Polish

Sea salt is one of nature’s best exfoliators. The trace minerals found in sea salt help to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface, improve circulation, unclog pores, and clean excess oil from the skin while invigorating the skin tissue. Jasmine essential oil balances the emotions and promotes relaxation.

40MIN $80

Hydrate, Lavender Milk And Honey Sugar Polish

This scrub renews and rejuvenates skin cells. The lactic acid in milk naturally exfoliates and cleanses the skin to reveal glowing and smooth skin, and honey is a natural elixir for its Anti-Ageing and Moisturizing properties that queens have been using for centuries across the globe. Lavendar essential oil calms and heals the body and soul.

40MIN $80

Tone, Vanilla Coconut Coffee Polish

A deep exfoliation and incredible aromatic experience, this scrub is our favorite. Delight in the experience as coffee, coconut and sugar are massaged over the entire body to reveal a glowing you. Coffee is even known to decrease the formation of cellulite and aid in toning the skin!


$ 80.00
  • A fast and intense facial that uses two all natural very transformative treatments to get deep beneath the surface of skin to clean pores and kill acne at its root.


$ 360.00
  • Red carpet facial King facial
  • 1hr couples relaxation massage