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25MINS $30 / 10 TREATMENTS $280

Far Infrared Cedar Sauna

A comfortable heat experience that rises body temperature from the inside out, helping the body detox without feeling too hot. A Far Infrared Sauna is preventative for all kinds of ailments and an excellent weight loss treatment as well. Float away to calm with the natural cedar essence.

25MINS $30 / 10 TREATMENTS $280

Opal Steam Room

A hot steam experience enhanced by eucalyptus essencial oil spray to relieve stress and tension and purify your skin. Eucalyptus helps clear respiratory congestion and soothes headaches, and may also help drive off infection with its antiseptic properties. Color light therapy balances chakras and enhances this relaxing and detoxifying treatment.

25MINS $40 / 10 TREATMENTS $360

Longevity Ozone Steam Chamber

A unique therapeutic heat experience that will have you sleeping like a baby. This is fantastic relief for back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, not to mention that it is a great detox & weight loss Secret!


$ 80.00
  • A fast and intense facial that uses two all natural very transformative treatments to get deep beneath the surface of skin to clean pores and kill acne at its root.


$ 360.00
  • Red carpet facial King facial
  • 1hr couples relaxation massage