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Destress Back & Neck

For clients who need relaxation and pain relief but do not have a full hour we offer a ‘Back and Neck massage’ or a ‘Leg and Arm Massage’ or a ‘Quick Full Body Massage’.

Nourish & Nurture

Our relaxation Massage is a gentle calming massage that relaxes muscles without inflicting pain. The goal of this massage is to slow down your heart rate, melt away your stress, and lull you to sleep.

Karma Cleanse

Deep Tissue massage is a powerful and therapeutic massage, using pressure points and strong elbow strokes as well as handwork to relieve pain, and leave you feeling deeply relaxed.

Deep Heat

Hot river Stone massage goes deeper than hand massage thanks to the heat. More relaxing, more intense, deeper muscle relaxation and absolutely wonderful if you like profound slow work.

Slim Detox

Lymphatic Drainage Massage cleanses and detoxifies the lymphatic and circulatory system, stimulates the immune system, reduces the appearance of cellulite and is slimming. A healthy massage!

Athletic Recovery

Sports massage is a mix of deep tissue, relaxation and full body stretching. This active and therapeutic massage is great for Athletes or anyone suffering from tight muscles, injury or pain.

Power Points

Reflexology massage uses acupressure points, healing energy, and ancient techniques to assess and balance your systems and organs. Occasionally painful, deeply relaxing and always effective.

Maternal Magic

Prenatal Massage is designed to relieve stress on weight bearing body parts, reduce swelling of hands, ankles and feet. This relaxing ‘Mommy to be’ massage reduces anxiety and eases pregnancy discomfort.

Baby Bliss

Post partum Massage aims to restore your body to ‘pre baby’ condition while nurturing and relaxing you. Attention will be paid to stressed and tired muscles, easing aches and pains, and restoring you.

Ultimate Indulgence

Four hands working in unison, two therapists, to release stress, to relieve pain and to renew you from head to toe. This decadent and hypnotic massage can be done in two ways, choose your favorite.


$ 80.00
Acne Attack Facial
  • A fast and intense facial that uses two all natural very transformative treatments to get deep beneath the surface of skin to clean pores and kill acne at its root.


$ 360.00
Bride & Groom Spa Delight
  • Red carpet facial King facial
  • 1hr couples relaxation massage