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30 MINS $80

Acne Attack Facial

A fast and intense facial that uses two all natural very transformative treatments to get deep beneath the surface of skin to clean pores and kill acne at its root.

40 MINS $90

Enzyme Micro Facial

Improve your skins texture, tone, appearance and health. Microdermabrasion exfoliates deeply so your cosmetologist can work on a clean canvas. The rejuvenating enzyme treatment transforms as we complete the treatment with a signature hydration mask created for your exact complexion needs.

50 MIN$100 / 80 MIN $140/ 5x 80 MIN $620

Deep Clean Facial

This facial is deep cleansing and corrective, using natural fruit remedies, deep exfoliation and full extractions. Your complexion will be rebalanced, purified, cleansed and hydrated. For clients with on going or severe acne we encourage you to sign up for a package to really change your complexion.

50 MIN $115 / 80 MIN $150

Red Carpet Hydration Facial

We recommend this facial before special events to give you a radiant complexion for your own “Red Carpet” event. Our special ingredient is Pure Iris Extract for complete complexion rejuvenation. A deep cleanse followed by lifting and hydrating treatments make this facial a must. Your will be thrilled with your glowing skin and everyone will notice!

80 MIN $180

Perfect Complexion

(Add microdermabrasion for $50) Focusing on deep cleaning, moisturizing, lifting, skin tone evening and purifying blemishes to give you a perfect complexion! Our organic products work their magic on your face, relax and enjoy a shoulder, hand and foot massage. Includes a lip & eye facial, infusion, collagen treatment.

50 MIN $90 KING PLUS, 80 MIN $150

King Facial for Men of All Skin Types

Relieve razor burn, ingrown hairs and dry skin. Experience a facial focused on what a Male client needs most, as well as a deeply relaxing face, neck and shoulder.

20 MIN / $60

Organic Microdermabrasion Session

For maximum results, 10 session package $550 The deepest and corrective treatment on our menu. Microdermabrasion works to minimize fine lines, even skin tone, reduce scar tissue, fight acne and smooth imperfections on your skin’s surface. Alta Vita’s Organic Microdermabrasion is a dual exfoliation unlike any other.

ADD-ON $16

Lip Facial (a great addition to any facial)

Treat your lips to a three-step transformational delight. Exfoliate, replenish and nurture your lips while you enjoy one of our signature facials. See and feel the kissable soft difference.

ADD-ON $18

Eye Facial (you will notice the difference immediately)

A 4-step rejuvenating eye facial to reduce puffiness, lighten skin tone, and erase wrinkles. Using four different fruits to improve the appearance and texture of your eye area, highly recommended.


Beautiful Back Facial

Deep Tissue massage is a powerful and therapeutic massage, using pressure points and strong elbow strokes as well as handwork to relieve pain, and leave you feeling deeply relaxed.

30 MIN $70 W/ MIDRODERM $120

Chest Facial

When breakouts head south, and you need a little more attention on your décolleté. This Facial clears your chest of any break outs, leaving the skin purified and moisturized, healing the skin and preventing further irritation.

40 MIN $80 W/MICRODERM $150

Gluteus Facial

Very little explanation needed, this facial includes a deep cleaning, extractions, exfoliation, moisture treatment, and healing toniques to restore the skin. Great for the derrier in need.


$ 80.00
  • A fast and intense facial that uses two all natural very transformative treatments to get deep beneath the surface of skin to clean pores and kill acne at its root.


$ 360.00
  • Red carpet facial King facial
  • 1hr couples relaxation massage